About Us
Tonchin originated in Tokyo, Japan in 1992. Brothers Katsuhiro and Motohiro Sugeno, had a simple goal, to bring people together and provide excellent food.
25 years after the first opening, Anan Sugeno set out to bring the philosophy of Tonchin to the world. With a team of trusted New Yorkers, and help from his father Katsuhiro, Anan brought Tonchin New York to life.
Tonchin philosophy
Tokyo meets New York, with love.

Dekitate means ‘Made for you’.  Our team strives to give our guests the best food with the freshest ingredients. We make our Signature Broth, Handmade Noodles, and all the delicious topping from scratch, daily to ensure maximum freshness. Our experienced team of bartenders make craft infusions, and prepare every drink to order. Our belief if that “Homemade” and “Just made” are both necessary to provide our guests with the best experience possible.

Tonchin (屯ちん) means a place to come together. This is a place for everyone. Where you are always welcome. Where friends, family, neighbors or coworkers can eat well and connect love.
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